Rainbow Mural in Small Bedroom – Video

6th May 2016
Rainbow Mural

Painting a mural can make a small room appear larger!

After driving to my client’s home

I met briefly with Scarlett and her mom.


We went over the best room layout

and a list of Scarlett’s favorite things.



What do little girls dream of?

4-year-old Scarlett wanted a rainbow, unicorn, mermaid, flowers and butterflies!

She also loved fairies.

Her bedroom was small but had high ceilings.

We decided painting a giant rainbow with clouds above the tv was a great choice.

Painting clouds, and a sun with a happy face, above the closet will use that wall space well.

After our discussion, Scarlett went off to school and her mom went to work…and I got busy!


Here is a before and after video of the rainbow mural.

Since furniture would not be near the entry door,  it became the perfect spot for a unicorn and some large flowers.

I painted simple grass around the base of the room with different size flowers.

Unicorn Mural with Rainbow

I deliberately placed 2 large flowers next to the mirrored closet and the reflection makes it look like 4 flowers.

Daisy Mural

The reflection of the painting in the mirror makes the whole room feel bigger.

The mermaid can be seen from the bed and a fairy is sprinkling pixie dust just above the bed.

There are randomly placed butterflies painted around the room to add color and movement.

The room turned out really nice.

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This mural was painted in Huntington Beach, CA

I am located in the center of the San Fernando Valley, in Los Angeles County.
If you live nearby I can paint a rainbow mural for your little girl’s room.