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My specialty is Custom Hand-painted Wall Murals that are simple, elegant and not overly busy. I love painting murals that reflect the taste and personality of my clients. View my Portfolio of Wall Murals and get inspired. Then…Let’s brainstorm mural ideas for your home or business! Contact Me

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Wall Murals by Colette – Muralist in Los Angeles, CA

Wall Mural Painter - Los Angeles, CA - Artist - Muralist

(Southern California Mural Painter – Los Angeles County, Orange County, Simi Valley, Ventura County & Antelope Valley)

Mural painting can transform a School, Children’s Center, Children’s Hospital, Pediatrician’s Office, Child Dentistry Office, Hallway, Children’s Waiting Room, a Baby Nursery, Child’s Bedroom, Kindergarten, Daycare, Preschool or Playroom. Painted murals can add fun to Home Offices, a Business and Outside Areas like a preschool playground or on an exterior wall by a swimming pool. Get a quote for a custom mural on your walls.
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