Toy Chest Mural in Child Dentistry

24th Jul 2015
Painted Toy Chest Mural

Mural of a Toy Chest painted in a Dental Exam Room for Kids

This Dental Office has a lot of children as patients.

The Doctor wanted to make the space more fun so her children patients could relax while she cleaned their little teeth.
She thought seeing some of their favorite toys painted directly onto the wall in front of them would make the experience of going to the Dentist a little more fun.Painted Toy Chest Mural
Before and After images of a toy chest mural in a Dental Office
(This mural is painted in Van Nuys, Ca)

This toy chest was painted to match the colors and style of a larger tooth fairy mural that was painted on an adjacent wall.
The stripes on the toy chest and the style of the toys compliment the larger mural really well.
The whole exam room looks united, colorful and fun!

I sketched the objects in pencil first and used a level to get the lines nice and straight…then went to town painting! It turned out so cute.

See the Tooth Fairy Mural that is painted in the same room.