FAQ – Mural Questions


So you are thinking about a custom hand-painted wall mural and you want to find out if I am a good fit for your project…

Q: When should I make an appointment?
A: We will have a very productive mural consultation if you already know what you want, or have selected a basic theme (like jungle, ocean, sports, floral, etc.), or you have picked out accessories (like bedding, curtains, and furniture).

  • Our best brainstorming will happen if you have a basic direction you would like the room to develop. Sometimes cards, stickers, magazines or fabrics you love will help inspire a theme. Swatches of wallpaper have been the inspiration for some amazing color combinations, as well as a great way to communicate style preferences. If something strikes your eye snap a picture on your smart phone. (If something strikes you as particularly ugly, snap a picture of that, too! Anything that helps communicate your sense of style and favorite colors to me is good! I really care about you getting the result you desire.

Q: How far will you travel to paint, or meet for a mural appointment?
A: I am based in the center of the San Fernando Valley in Los Angeles, California. I will travel to and paint in any location that is to our mutual benefit.

  • If you live far… Technology is a wonderful thing! We can discuss your ideas, via email and over the phone to get in sync on all details until we both feel confident proceeding. Then go for it!
  • As long as it is a win/win I will travel to another state. (I have family in Henderson, Nevada, Pennsylvania, and Virginia and could be enticed to paint in these locations.)


Q: How far in advance do I need to book you?
A: Sometimes I am booked solid, and someone postpones, creating an opening in my schedule.
Sometimes I am available immediately. Just call and I’ll look at my calendar.


Q: What preparations must be done to the walls before you come and paint?
A: In most rooms I do not paint every square inch of wall so the base wall color should be in good condition so as not to detract from the finished mural.
If I am doing a full room mural I can quote a price for painting the base color along with the detailed mural and offer another quote if you want to paint the base color on your own.

Q: What type of background wall paint should be used?
A: Select a WATER based paint in an Eggshell, Satin, or low luster sheen.

  • (Although my paints are compatible with a water-based in a flat or high gloss – the shine of a high gloss paint presents a more garish look and adds an extra step to the mural painting. And flat paint is more prone to fingerprints, smudges, and scuffs, detracting sooner from the overall painted experience.)
  • Do NOT use one of those new paints with the anti-stick ingredients because nothing will stick to your walls. (Decals won’t stick and they are unable to have murals painted on them!)

Q: Do you do the prep work? Do you roller paint?
A: I do not do patching and usually only roller paint when painting a full wall mural or complete room mural.


Q: What type of paint do you use? Does it smell?
A: I use artist’s acrylics from Nova Color which are water based, non-toxic, dry immediately, and have virtually no odor. By the time I clean up my equipment, the paint is dry.

Q: Will I be able to wash the wall? Will the paint come off when I need to wash the wall? Do you put a coating over the painting when finished?
A: I don’t put any type of coating over the painting. The acrylic paint is water resistant, and permanent when dry. It can be gently washed. (I haven’t had a single client call me with any problem associated with washing the painted wall.)

Q: If we need to paint over the painting in the future, how is this done?
A: The painted surface may need to be lightly block sanded if there are slight variations in the thickness of paint. The colorful surface needs to be primed with a good quality primer. Then painting your walls should proceed as normal.


Q: What style or type of painting do you do? Do you paint wall treatments? Will you paint on canvas?
A: I am a decorative artist and can paint walls to compliment or match, fabrics, and bedding.

  • I specialize in Nurseries and Kid’s Rooms. I also love School Beautification Projects, painting Business Logos, Faux Finishing Walls and creating custom decorative borders.
  • I do fabulous brush-blended Faux wall treatments, (looks similar to rag rolling), and beautifully blended skies on ceilings. See Examples of my work
  • I will paint anything as long as I know I will do an excellent job and you will get the result you desire. (If I am not the best artist for your project, I will certainly let you know.)
  • If you prefer your mural painted on a large canvas, you can purchase the size stretched canvas you desire and I can schedule painting days just like I would when I paint murals on walls.


Q: How long does your average job take?
A: My full room murals, that cover all walls and ceilings, are classy and not overdone since many of my clients like simple elegant rooms that are not overly busy.
Many jobs take one or two days…In a traditional home with 8 foot high ceilings:

  • Simple decorative touches sprinkled around a room or a custom border? (1 or 2 days)
  • A mural painted on every inch of a single wall? (1 or 2 days)
  • Clouds on ceiling (1 day)
  • The whole enchilada – A Full Room Mural – every inch of wall and ceiling. (closer to a week)

Q: How do I get an estimate? What do you charge?
A: Every job is unique and customized to a client’s taste, vision, painting style, room size, and budget.
The more I know what you are imagining and the size of your space, the more accurate price I can give.  Call me and tell me what you are dreaming up! We will set up a time I can come to your location in person.
…and/or I can give a general estimate over the phone.

  • Some clients want what they want and we brainstorm together the best layout for their room with every desire they can imagine.
  • If budget is super – important to you let me know what you were thinking and we will brainstorm together with that in mind so we come up with a win-win.
    (For daycare’s sometimes we brainstorm the best layout for your space and start with the most important areas for the mural – making sure we set up the design so we can add to it in the future as more budget becomes available for fun improvements)

Q: What if I want something really small?
A: If a job is extremely small, please call. (Every mural is unique and I consider the scope of work in my pricing.)


Q: How do I contact you?
A: You can Email Me Here or call 818-994-1441

  • Technology is great but sometimes it is nice to hear a human voice! Please feel free to call if you have questions. Phone: 818-994-1441 (Pacific Standard Time – Muralist based in Southern California)