Painted Cabinets in Preschool

25th Jul 2015
Painted Stripes on Built-in Cabinets at Preschool

Custom Hand-Painted Cabinets in a Sherman Oaks, CA Preschool

Preschool cabinets had a brown, dated, corkboard covering on all doors that spanned the length of 2 classrooms.

I forgot to take a complete before picture but did get a photo of one of the cork board doors covered with primer
and the teacher’s paper coverings still present on the other doors.

Teachers spent a lot of time and supplies covering bulletin boards in this classroom!


Dated Preschool CabinetsDated Preschool Cabinets – Before Painting

Painted Cabinets in PreschoolPainted Preschool Cabinets – After Painting



  • Client asked me to add fun colors
  • Keep the design simple and conducive to learning
  • Something geometric, maybe stripes or polka dots
  • Paint it to eliminate the need for paper coverings
  • Keep the corkboard front of cabinets functional so able to use push pins and staples when teaching
  • Turn a boring wall of brown into a fun and child-friendly learning area without us having to remodel by replacing cabinets.


  • After testing to see if primer stuck well to the cork surface, I covered the cabinets with primer.
  • I measured out wide stripes in different widths keep the design calm and not too busy.
  • I alternated fun and kid-friendly colors down the long length of cabinets spanning the two classrooms.

This will sure save the teachers a lot of time…and they can still use push pins!

Meanwhile, on the other side of the room…. were some bulletin boards in the need of a fresh look….

Painted Bulletin BoardThis one was not framed

Painted Bulletin BoardThis one had a frame

  • Large brown bulletin boards were primed then painted with fun colors to compliment cabinets.
  • An asymmetrical border was painted for one (on the left) that had no structured frame.

Painting the cork gave a fresh new look to existing functional items. It’s fun to decorate with paint!

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