It’s Raining Ballet Shoes! – Ballet Tree Mural

24th Jul 2015
Ballet Tree Mural

Dance ballerina, Dance!

This teenager puts in a lot of practice and has the worn pointe shoes to prove it.

She thought up the most clever way to display them…
Ballet Tree Mural

Wall Murals by Colette: Ballerina Tree
I painted this black tree mural in Encino, CA.

What client asked for: A black tree to be painted in the corner that would not overwhelm the room but be big enough to hang lots of used ballet shoes from…and I do mean LOTS!

I painted the tree and this teen, her mom and the ballet slippers took over!
I LOVE this idea!

If you ever wanted to know what grows on a ballet tree, now you know!

Hmm… I wonder what professional ballerinas do with their dead pointe shoes?

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