Dinosaur Mural in Boys Bedroom – Video

10th Aug 2016
Dinosaur Mural Video

Experience what if feels like to walk into a room painted with a dinosaur wall mural.

Thinking about decorating a boys bedroom with dinosaur room decor?

Have a mural painted to match your dinosaur accessories.

Here’s how it works…


What client asked me and desired:

  • We want a dinosaur mural.
  • We have dinosaur bedding and a jeep bed and want the mural to look good with that.
  • The room is really small so should we just paint on one wall? What is the best layout to open up the room?
  • My son has favorite dinosaurs and we want some of them big. Not too many because the room is small.
  • How do we proceed?

I suggested we meet in person with her son present because her 5-year-old has strong preferences when it comes to dinosaurs!

  • I brought my dinosaur reference items with me and we met in her son’s bedroom. He picked out his 4 favorite dinosaurs.
  • We rearranged the furniture for the best functionality of the room.
    It’s amazing how turning one piece of furniture can really make a difference in the amount of space available in a room!
  • We looked at the available wall space and her son’s favorite dinosaurs and got our master plan mapped out. We decided some volcanoes erupting, a watering hole, some palm trees, and grasses would look great in the background.

On paint day, I had my client and her son be present while I sketched out the main dinosaurs. He wanted them specific sizes so I thought he would like to be there. Once the sketch was on the wall my clients left for the day…and I got busy painting!

This video shows the mural in progress and the finished mural!

  • Notice how adding palm trees in the corners is a nice touch.
  • Mirrored closets reflect the mural and make the small room feel much larger.
  • I got the best layout for the mural and made sure the furniture was functional first so it would not cover up anything important.
  • Clouds were used as filler to make the whole room feel like an environment.
  • Volcanoes and layered palm trees add a feeling of depth without overwhelming the room.

It turned out really cool.

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