Tree Wall Murals

Tree murals can really open up a small space as well as add personal style and a relaxing feel to any room. Tree paintings look great in baby nurseries and playrooms as well as offices and home offices. How about a family tree in a hallway, living room or stairway with framed photographs hanging from branches.

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Thinking about tree room decor? Tree Branch Wall Decals available in Mural Store.
Jungle Leaf & Vine – Border also available.

(above) Tree murals were hand-painted directly onto walls by muralist. Examples of tree murals include: black tree murals, white tree murals, ballet tree mural, willow tree murals, 3d tree, enchanted tree, autumn tree, birch tree, palm tree murals, apple tree murals, jungle tree mural, cherry blossom tree wall murals, artistic tree, palm tree murals, family tree murals, inspirational tree murals, cartoon tree murals and corner tree wall murals.