Castle Wall Murals


Castle wall murals can be painted in a variety of styles. See 9 different hand-painted castle mural examples. Some castles murals were painted for boys with more masculine colors, knights and dragons…and some castle murals were painted for girls with flowers, butterflies, rainbows, fairies, a horse and carriage, prince and princess.

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Castle Wall Mural with RainbowCastle Mural with Rainbow

Castle Wall Mural with FlowersCastle Mural with Flowers

Castle Mural with Prince on HorseCastle Mural with Prince

Castle Mural with Horse and CarriageCastle Wall Mural – Carriage

Castle Wall MuralCastle Wall Mural for Boy

Castle Wall MuralCastle Wall Mural

Castle MuralCastle Mural

Castle Mural with Princess - Horse and CarriageCastle Mural with Princess

Castle Mural with DragonCastle Mural with Dragon

Castle Mural with KnightCastle Mural with Knight

Knight Guarding Castle Wall MuralKnight Guarding Castle

Castle Wall MuralCastle Wall Mural

Dragon Flying over Castle MuralDragon Flying over Castle

Castle Mural with BallerinasCastle Mural with Ballerinas

Purple and Pink Castle Mural with RosesCastle Mural with Roses


Decorating a castle themed room? You can have a simple castle mural or full room castle mural painted.
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Castle wall mural examples above include: Castle murals for boys, castle murals with dragons, Castle murals with knights, castle murals for girls, purple castles, pink castles, prince charming on a horse, castle murals with cobblestone paths, horse and carriages, rainbows and flowers.