Baby Room Murals

BABY ROOM WALL MURALS – Examples of Nursery Wall Murals

Murals can make your baby room feel relaxing and inviting…which is good since you will be spending a lot of time in there! See over 50 examples of nursery murals that I hand-painted to compliment fabrics, match bedding or go with a theme. I hope you get some great ideas for decorating your baby room!

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World map mural in baby nurseryWorld Map Mural

Name Painted Over CribPainted Name on Wall

Alphabet Wall BorderAlphabet Wall Border

Painted Stars and QuotePainted Stars – Quote

Vintage Airplane MuralVintage Airplane Mural

Vintage Toy Box MuralVintage Toy Box Mural

Painted Clothes Line MuralPainted Clothes Line

Vintage Alice in Wonderland Wall MuralAlice in Wonderland

Purple Ribbon Wall MuralRibbon Wall Mural

Painted Ribbon Wall MuralPainted Purple Ribbon

Picket Fence and Flowers Wall MuralPicket Fence and Roses

Picket Fence Wall Mural in NurseryFence and Roses Mural

Noah's Arc Wall MuralNoah’s Arc Wall Mural

Killer Whale Wall MuralKiller Whale Mural

Undersea Mural in NurseryUndersea Wall Mural

Undersea Baby Room MuralUndersea Baby Room

Farm Wall MuralFarm Wall Mural

Farm Mural in Baby RoomFarm Mural in Nursery

Painted Window Mural in Baby RoomPainted Window Mural

Tree Wall Mural with AnimalsTree with Animals

Baby Room Ceiling MuralBaby Room Sky Mural

Baby Room Ocean MuralOcean Mural in Nursery

Island Mural with Animals in NurseryIsland Mural in Nursery

Whimsical Under the Sea Baby Room MuralUnder the Sea Mural

Dog Mural in NurseryCute Dog Wall Mural

Dog Theme Wall BorderDog Theme Wall Border

Hand-painted Tree Room BorderPainted Tree Border

Weathered Fence and Tree MuralFence and Tree Mural

Moon and Stars Baby Nursery MuralMoon and Stars Mural

Hand-painted Tree Wall Mural in NurseryTree Mural in Nursery

Baby Room Wall MuralBaby Room Wall Mural

Enchanted Farm Wall MuralEnchanted Farm Mural

Butterfly Mural in NurseryButterfly Wall Mural

Baby Girl Nursery MuralBaby Girl Wall Mural

Pink Flower Wall MuralPink Flower Wall Mural

Jungle Wall MuralJungle Wall Mural

Personalized Airplane Wall MuralAirplane Wall Mural

Baby Nursery MuralBaby Nursery Mural

Monkey and Airplane MuralAnimals and Airplane

Teddy Bear and Toys MuralTeddy Bear and Toys

Super Mario MuralSuper Mario Mural

Super Mario MuralSuper Mario Mural

Brown Ribbon Wall MuralBrown Ribbon Mural

Brown Ribbon Wall MuralPainted Ribbon Mural

Diva Frog Wall MuralDiva Frog Wall Mural

Frog Wall MuralFrog Wall Mural

Cute Frog Wall MuralCute Frog Wall Mural

Tree Wall Mural in Baby NurseryTree Mural in Nursery

Ocean Theme Wall MuralOcean Theme Mural

Cabana Mural in Baby RoomCabana Wall Mural

Fence and Flowers MuralFence – Flowers Mural

Corner Tree Wall MuralCorner Tree Mural

Jungle Wall Mural for TwinsJungle Wall Mural

Row Your Boat MuralRow your Boat Mural

Baby Room Wall MuralLife is but a Dream

Whimsical animal wall muralMerrily, Merrily Mural

Paris Wall Mural in Baby RoomParis Wall Mural

Counting Sheep Wall MuralCounting Sheep Mural

Sunflower Wall MuralSunflower Wall Mural

Sunflower Wall Mural in NurserySunflower Wall Mural

Baby Elephant Wall MuralBaby Elephant Mural

Ribbon Wall Mural with FlowersRibbon Wall Mural

Cheerleader Teddy Bear MuralCheerleader Bear Mural

Vintage Football MuralVintage Football Bear

Dog Wall MuralFamily Dog Wall Mural

Serengeti Wall MuralSerengeti Wall Mural

Serengeti Wall Mural in NurserySerengeti Wall Mural

Serengeti Wall Mural in NurserySerengeti Wall Mural

Castle Mural in NurseryCastle Wall Mural

Unicorn Wall MuralUnicorn Wall Mural

Corner Tree Wall MuralCorner Tree Wall Mural

Vintage Daisy Wall MuralVintage Daisy Mural

Frog Mural in Baby RoomFrog Wall Mural

Frog Mural with Lily PadsFrog on Lily Pad Mural

Baby Elephant MuralBaby Elephant Mural

Jungle Mural Painted to Match BorderJungle Mural

Tree Mural with BunniesTree Mural with Rabbits

Nursery mural with DucksRolling Hills and Ducks

Apple Tree Wall MuralApple Tree Wall Mural

Vintage Tree Wall MuralVintage Tree Mural

Beach Wall Mural in NurseryBeach Wall Mural

Sailboat Wall MuralSailboat Wall Mural

Lighthouse Wall MuralLighthouse Wall Mural

Royal Frogs Wall MuralRoyal Frog Wall Mural

Daisy Wall MuralDaisy Wall Mural

Daisy Wall Mural in NurseryDaisy Wall Mural

Butterfly Wall MuralButterfly Wall Mural

Daisy Wall MuralDaisy Wall Mural

Surf Theme MuralSurf Theme Mural

Ocean Mural in Baby RoomBeach Wall Mural

Flower Mural painted in Baby RoomFlower Wall Mural

Flower Mural in NurseryFlowers Match Bedding

Nursery Rhyme Wall Mural

Nursery Rhyme Mural

Humpty Dumpty Wall MuralHumpty Dumpty Mural

Moon & Stars Baby Room MuralMoon and Stars Mural

Moon & Stars Baby Room MuralMoon and Stars Mural

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I love painting nursery murals for new parents.

  • If you have never had something custom painted before and are nervous about how it all works, I am super patient.
  • If you are really picky and know exactly what you want that’s great too!
  • I like to think ahead about necessary furniture placement, especially in a baby nursery, so your mural can be enjoyed for a long time.

Start collecting ideas about what you would like painted in your nursery. If you have a general theme we will have a very productive appointment.
Sometimes it is fun to select bedding and accessories first and have your nursery mural painted to match and pull everything together. Or we can paint your dream nursery and you can pick your baby room accessories afterward.