Empowering Words Painted on Wall in Bedroom

6th Jun 2017

Words can motivate, inspire and empower. This mural was painted in a baby room but could just as easily have been painted in an older child or teen bedroom. Surrounding ourselves with positive words can uplift as well as infuse […]

Small Dog Big Adventures – Book

16th Mar 2017

A fun, easy-to-read, nonfiction book called Small Dog, Big Adventures: Meet Lucie – My First Pet Ever! This book was written and illustrated by Colette Stroffolino. Colette painted all the murals on this site and her little Chihuahua, Lucie used […]

Dinosaur Mural in Boys Bedroom – Video

10th Aug 2016

Experience what if feels like to walk into a room painted with a dinosaur wall mural. Thinking about decorating a boys bedroom with dinosaur room decor? Have a mural painted to match your dinosaur accessories. Here’s how it works…   […]

Castle Wall Mural – Video

9th May 2016

This Castle Wall Mural was originally painted for a baby girl nursery. The color scheme was burgundy, deep green and dusty blue. The castle mural is painted in a soft, watercolor style. The baby was named Madison so we painted […]

Rainbow Mural in Small Bedroom – Video

6th May 2016

Painting a mural can make a small room appear larger! After driving to my client’s home I met briefly with Scarlett and her mom.   We went over the best room layout and a list of Scarlett’s favorite things.   […]

How to Paint Cement Stones – Video

30th Apr 2016

What do you do when your cement walkway or the concrete next to your pool starts to have stress cracks? …or stains? Paint stones on cement of course! This video shows how to paint on cement. I  hand-painted the concrete […]

Welcome to Outer Space – Video

19th Nov 2015

Experience how it feels to walk into a room with a space mural painted on the ceiling and walls. Think about decorating a boys bedroom with space and planets room decor and have something painted to match your space accessories. […]

Race Car Mural in Progress – Video

16th Oct 2015

Thinking of getting a race car mural painted in your son’s bedroom? Watch this race car theme mural in progress. Video shows the whole mural process: the beginning rough sketch a chalk and pencil drawing on the wall the painted […]

Boys Room Wall Mural – Race Car, Sports, Space

15th Oct 2015

Get your son’s favorite things painted on his bedroom walls. This multi-themed wall mural was painted for a 4-year-old boy. His favorite things are: outer space and planets golf formula one race cars soccer Hmmm…I wonder how all of these […]

How to Remove Old Contact Paper

14th Oct 2015

Has anyone ever tried to remove old contact paper from a shelf? It can be really difficult to remove shelf paper that has been sticking for a long time. Here is a handy tip for easy contact paper removal. Using […]

Jungle Wall Mural in Baby Nursery-Video

10th Jul 2015

A jungle theme nursery is great for a baby boy or a baby girl. If you are looking for nursery decor and thinking about a jungle theme, you have got to see this video. The video (below) shows colorful jungle […]