Tree Wall Murals

TREE WALL MURALS – Hand-painted tree wall mural examples

Here are 50 different tree wall murals that I painted  over the years. A tree mural can really open up a small space as well as add a relaxing feeling to any room! I hope you get some great ideas about the kind of tree mural you would like to have painted in your home.

(Click image for lightbox view)

All the tree murals above were painted directly onto the wall.

Thinking of having a tree mural painted? If you live near Los Angeles County, call me and together we can create just the right tree mural for you!
Colette: 818-994-1441

If you prefer something more temporary I also created wall decals.  The decals create a unique wall border and look hand-painted.
Feel free to take a peek: Tree Branch Wall Decals or the  Jungle Leaf & Vine – Border

Over the years I have painted all sorts of tree murals.
Mural Examples above include:

  • silhouette trees, softly painted trees, 3D trees, cartoon trees, cherry blossom trees, ficus trees, autumn trees, trees painted in corners of rooms, trees painted in nurseries, white trees, black trees, family trees, artistic trees, trees with branches flowing up onto ceiling, enchanted trees, jungle trees, inspirational trees, ballet trees, trees in hallways, trees in stairways, trees painted on exterior walls, trees painted in preschools and daycares, trees painted in nurseries…and more.