Get wall mural ideas for Preschools, Daycare, schools and kids playrooms. Wall murals can be educational, fun and inspire a child’s imagination. See over 20 examples of wall murals painted in schools and playrooms. I hope you get some great ideas!

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Kids in Tree Wall Mural in PreschoolKids in Tree Mural at School

Airplane Pulling Alphabet MuralAirplane – Alphabet Mural

Educational Wall Mural in PreschoolEducational Wall Mural

Preschool Mural with Sun, Clouds and FlowersPreschool Wall Mural

Painted Frames on Wall of PreschoolPainted Frames on Wall

School Bus Wall Mural on Playground WallBus Mural Playground Mural

Knollwood Elementary Playground MuralPlayground Wall Mural

Knollwood Elementary Playground MuralKnollwood Elementary Wall

School Gym Wall MuralSchool Gym Wall Mural

Painted School Mascot and Quote in GymSchool Mascot and Quote

Jungle Tree Wall Mural in SchoolJungle Tree Mural in School

Wall Mural on Fence at SchoolWall Mural on Fence

Daycare Rainbow MuralRainbow Mural in Daycare

Preschool MuralPreschool Wall Mural

Preschool Mural of Sky on CeilingNap Room Ceiling Sky Mural

Preschool Wall MuralPreschool Wall Mural

Ocean Mural in PreschoolOcean Mural in Preschool

Jewish Preschool Wall MuralJewish Preschool Mural

Corner Tree Mural in DaycareTree Wall Mural in Daycare

Preschool Nap Room MuralNap Room Mural in Daycare

Painted Cabinets in SchoolPainted Cabinets in School

Painted Stripes on Built-in Cabinets at PreschoolPainted Stripes on Cabinets

Painted Bulletin BoardPainted Bulletin Board

Painted Bulletin Board at SchoolPainted Bulletin Board

Ocean Mural in PlayroomOcean Mural in Playroom

Mermaid Mural in PlayroomMermaid Mural in Playroom

Playground Mural at SchoolPlayground Mural at School

School Playground Wall MuralSchool Playground Mural

Preschool Fence Wall MuralPreschool Fence Mural

Playground Mural at SchoolPlayground Mural on Fence

Painted Fence Mural in PlaygroundPainted Mural on Fence

Painted Fence Mural at SchoolFence Wall Mural at School

Daycare Fence MuralPainted Caterpillar on Fence

Tree Mural at Elementary SchoolTree Mural at School

Conejo Elementary School MuralConejo Elementary Mural

Painted Curtain around Theatre Room Door EntryPainted Curtain around Door

7 Habits Tree Mural at School7 Habits Tree Mural

School Library Wall MuralSchool Library Wall Mural

Conejo Cafe Wall MuralConejo Cafe Wall Mural

Painted Bulletin Board at SchoolPainted Bulletin Board

Painted Window Mural in PlayroomPainted Window Mural

Teddy Bear Mural in PlayroomPlayroom Teddy Bear Mural

Playroom Teddy Bear Wall MuralPlayroom Teddy Bear Mural

Airport Runway Mural in PlayroomAirport Runway Wall Mural

Airport Playroom Wall MuralAirport Mural in Playroom

Farm Animall Daycare MuralFarm Animal Daycare Mural

Daycare Wall MuralDaycare Wall Mural Outside

If you are looking for an artist who really tunes into you and cares that you get the perfect mural for your daycare or preschool…Give me – Colette a call. 818-994-1441

  • If you are based in the San Fernando Valley and have a lot of ideas and a limited budget we can create a master plan and paint the mural in stages so it is affordable.
    (Your kids will love it – and it will be an adventure for them to see things magically appear at their school!)

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Wall murals (above) include hand-painted inspirational quote, painted school mascot, educational airplane with alphabet, story time tree mural in a reading corner, teddy bear wall murals in a playroom, playground wall murals, painted fence murals, painted bulletin boards, striped cabinets in a preschool, an airport wall mural in a playroom, a rainbow mural and more!