Outside Wall Murals


See over 24 different examples of murals painted outside. Get exterior wall mural ideas for outdoor areas of your home, business or school!

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Thinking about adding a little character to an outdoor area? Maybe a custom painted mural on a backyard fence or exterior wall will add just the right touch…

Murals can be painted on a cement wall, a cement driveway, an exterior stucco wall of a garage or home or school, an exterior gate leading into a yard, an exterior wall next to a swimming pool…

Let’s brainstorm together about what is possible.
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Start thinking about what sort of painting you desire. When you have a general idea of what direction you want to go, we will have a very productive appointment.

  • Snap pictures on your smart phone of anything you may want to emulate and save images of outside murals you find online.
  • What theme do you want? If next to a swimming pool, maybe an ocean mural.
  • Love wine? How about a vineyard landscape or just some fun grape vine accents
  • If on a fence or wall at a preschool, what sort of theme would be fun? Bugs, flowers and things that fly? If for a school, what sort of mural will compliment your school?
  • Like to DIY? See Video – How to hand-paint stones on cement

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Wall murals painted outside can enhance the exterior of your home, business or school.