Laundry Room Murals

What sort of mural would put a smile on your face as you do laundry? A painted clothes line with items your children have outgrown or clothes that inspire memories…or…Perhaps beautiful wildflowers sprinkled around your laundry room.

(click image for lightbox view)

A mural painted in a Laundry Room can make an ongoing task like laundry a little more pleasant.

Some laundry rooms lead to a garage or back yard. Why not add some flowers or grass and a painted clothesline to bring a little of the outdoors, inside?

Other laundry rooms have a designated room. Why not add a little whimsy by painting a mural?

  • Have colorful flowers, daisies, butterflies or roses painted
  • Paint a clothes line with items that have sentimental value – a sweatshirt with a logo and date, favorite clothes your babies wore and outgrew, a favorite garment or memento of a passed loved one
  • If your laundry has no window, paint one…it will open up your space and you will have a room with a view!

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We can brainstorm about what to paint in your laundry room.

Anything is possible with a custom wall mural.

My art also comes on Print-to-Order Gifts.