Store – FAQ


As of August 2017, we are no longer selling wall decals or wallpaper.
Please visit our Gift Shop for similar art on all sorts of clothing, drinkware and other items that can be personalized.


Q: What should I expect once I have placed an order? When will my wall art ship?
A: Once you have successfully placed an order at Wall About Fun:

  • You should receive an automated and immediate email confirmation of your order and payment – directly from Paypal.
  • Within 2 business days expect an email from Wall Murals Customer service confirming your art is in the process of being created. (If you have ordered a personalized item,  this email will contain an attached image of your customization, for your approval.)
  • Within 7 to 10 business days of your order date you should receive your FedEx tracking number directly from FedEx.

Q: If I order a personalization can I see how it looks before you create it?
A: Yes. If you have ordered a personalized item,  you will receive an email with an image of your customization attached, for your approval (usually within 2 days of placing your order).

  • Please respond as soon as possible so your art creation process continues quickly and smoothly.


Q: What makes your Wall Decals different?
A: Our designs and layouts use the upper portion of a room in a creative way keeping your room highly functional.

  • Our Wall Decals were modeled after actual mural sizes, layouts and designs I painted in client’s homes.
  • Decals literally look hand-painted (You can see brushstrokes)
  • Our wall decals create an environment.
  • Wall Decals are self-sticking and removable.

Q: What kind of material are the Wall Decals printed on?
A: Vinyl that will stick to smooth surfaces

Q: How do I install the Wall Decals?
Each design comes with detailed and complete instructions.
See detailed  – Wall Decals – Installation Video.

  • Separate the art. (Our pre-cut, self-sticking decals comes with transfer tape covering it.) Cut each piece loose from the sheet, leaving the transfer tape applied to the art.
  • Then, tape the artwork to your wall where you think you want it installed.
  • Once you have the layout you desire, peel off the backing and stick the art to your wall
  • Rub the squeegee over the transfer-tape-covered artwork.
  • Slowly peel off the transfer tape and presto – looks fantastic!

Q: What is transfer tape?
Transfer tape is placed on the top of the wall decal sheet.
(It aids in positioning large and intricate designs as well as provides a protective layer so when you rub the top of the artwork to secure it to the wall, the artwork is protected.)

Q: Are the Wall Decals re-positionable?
A: Our wall decals can be repositioned. (but it is better if you don’t move them once installed)

  • It is best to do most of your repositioning during installation when you haven’t applied full pressure yet to keep the highest quality adhesion. If you change your mind about your art placement, slowly and evenly peel the sticky art from the wall and reposition it.
  • If you keep the sticky side  clean from dust and dirt the wall adhesive could be moved to another area and reused.
    (If you remove the intricate decals (like vines), they can easily tangle.)
    (For repositioning larger decals, you will need to have a helper.)

Q: Will the Wall Decals stick to my walls?
A: Wall Decals stick to SMOOTH, dust free walls. The idea is to get 100% of the decal attached to 100% of the wall.

  • Do not use the new “wash & wear” wall paint that claims dirt will not stick to it. It will prevent wall decals from sticking as well!
  • Since walls have many variables in texture and paint surfaces, we recommend getting a sample of our adhesive material for flat painted walls, high gloss painted walls and walls with texture to ensure you are happy and have a great experience. Please see our free sample page.
  • Note: If your walls have any texture, the squeegee will only press a portion of your wall decal. You will need to rub the decal with your finger or wrap a soft sock around the squeegee so you press into every nook and cranny. Rub extra hard so the adhesive grabs as much of the wall as possible. If the decal is correctly sticking to all the grooves in your wall, you should see every bit of texture on the decal itself.
  • Please contact us if you need ANY help deciding if our decals will be a good fit for your wall surface!

Q: How do I get a sample of your Wall Decals to try on my wall surface?
A: Please click here to go to our sample request page.

  • A small, unprinted  sample will be sent to you in a standard size envelope so you can try it on your wall surface.

Q: Are the Wall Decals washable?
You can gently wipe the wall decal front clean by dampening a soft cloth with water.

  • Do not vigorously scrub or use strong chemical cleaners. (The sticky, adhesive side of the wall decal must remain dust free and dry.)

Q: Will the Wall Decals damage the walls when removed?
A: Self-sticking wall decals are designed to remove easily and leave no backing or residue on the wall.

Q: How do I get the best adhesion for Wall Decals?
Here are some tips:

  • Freshly painted walls should be left to cure for the recommended time as listed on the side of your paint can before you stick anything to the surface. (In winter or damp weather, paint drying time increases.)
  • Surface should be smooth, dry and free from dust or dirt.
  • You must wash the wall surface before installation. (A water dampened or dry cloth should be sufficient.) (If you use soap or a cleaning solution, make sure all soap is rinsed away and surface is dry)
  • Painted surfaces that have “Teflon”, “silicone” or similar additives to make them “wash and wear” are designed for things not to stick to them to make them easy to clean. (so make sure your walls do not have this type of paint)
  • Avoid placing decals directly under an air or heat vent.
  • Don’t let little fingers keep removing and putting back the adhesive or it will get dirty and loose stickiness.


Q: What is Gallery Wrapped Canvas?
A: Gallery Wrapped Canvas is a high quality print on an artist’s canvas.

  • Canvas art is stretched over a 1.5″ wood frame with the image wrapped around the sides

Q: Is Gallery Wrapped Canvas easy to install? How do I hang the Gallery Wrapped Canvas?
A: Canvas art arrives ready to hang on your wall. It comes complete with a finished back and hanging hardware.

  • The back of your canvas will come covered with a dust cover and have a hanging wire already attached.
    (For your convenience we also include a courtesy packet of two clear bump-ons, a nickel-plated hanger and a nail.)
  • It is very easy to move and rehang Gallery Wrapped Canvas art, too!

Q: What is the canvas made out of?
A: Artist’s grade canvas is printed with archival inks, then sprayed with a UVB protectant  to protect against fading and moisture.

Q: Can I order canvas in sizes other than what is listed in the store?
A: If you desire a Canvas Art item in a different size contact us with what you have in mind and we will get back to you with what is possible and pricing.
(Our art was designed at 4′ x 8′ and looks great double that size as a multi-panel canvas)

Q: What if I want my canvas framed?
A: Please contact us and we will tell you what framing options we have available.


Q: What material is the Wallpaper Mural printed on?
allpaper is printed on a high quality type II 20-oz vinyl wall covering with fabric backing. (The fabric backing provides weight, adds to durability and makes installation easier.) It is excellent at hiding imperfections on wall surfaces, durable even in high traffic areas and beautifully textured.

Q: How do I hang the Wallpaper?
It is recommended that you have your wallpaper hung by a professional wallpaper hanger. (We at Wall about Fun are not responsible for incorrect installation.)

  • For a classic look, frame the wallpaper mural with molding and paint the wall surface surrounding your mural a different color, then add a second layer of molding.

Q: Can the Wallpaper Murals be cleaned?
A: Yes, we recommend you clean your wallpaper with a non-solvent based cleaner and a soft rag.

Q: Can I order wallpaper larger than 4 feet by 8 Feet?
A: Our Wallpaper Murals come in a single sheet and created to nest on the upper portion of a wall. (Furniture will sit below the mural)

  • Our 4’x8′ wallpaper murals maintain all detail at twice that size.
  • Please contact us with the dimensions you would like your custom wallpaper and we will get back to you with options and prices for a multi-panel wallpaper.


Please contact us if you need ANY help deciding which art would work best in your space!