Heart & Scroll Decals


Dimensions of sticker sheet: 65″x13″
2 large hearts,
10 small hearts,
2 kings crowns, Scrolls (various sizes)
(Colors are multitone – Pinks and Yellows – see close-up view)
Price: $58


Heart and Scroll wall decals are self-sticking, removable and look hand-painted.
The colors are gorgeously blended.

Heart and Scroll Wall Deals - Layout Sheet

Heart and Scroll Wall Deals – Layout Sheet

(above) “Heart and Scroll” layout
There are many unique ways to install heart and scroll decals
(below) actual decal sheet

Heart and Scroll Wall Deals - Layout Sheet

Heart and Scroll Wall Deals (Note: Black lines are to show separation of the decals only)

This design sheet is enough for bordering above a 6-foot closet, a doorway, and corners of room. (Will create unique room accents)

Note: Black lines are NOT part of the design. Lines are to show the different design elements making decals easier for you to install. (bottom section is perfectly aligned for the decal to be easily centered over a closet!)

Heart and Scroll Installation Ideas:

  • Accent above doorways and closets.
  • Create a unique wall border along one wall or the corners of your room.
  • Sprinkle hearts and scrolls on furniture.
  • Accent picture frames either by sticking items to the frame itself, or on the wall above your picture.
  • Instead of fabric drapes or valences, border windows with heart and scroll designs. (Add heart and scroll wall decals above shutters.)

Heart and Scroll wall decals can add just the right royal touch to a girls room.


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