Moo Cow & Music – Decals


Dimensions of sheet: 36″ x 30″
1 lamb and cow cluster 36″ long
1 bunny cluster 16″ long
1 sunflower 22″high
1 frog with leap lines
1 bee with trail
2 birds with music notes
Note: Edges of grass shape are crisp and not fading away.
Price: $75


LAMB & COW WALL DECALS – “Moo Cow and Music”

Farm animal wall decals are self-sticking and removable. Friendly animals include a lamb, cow, birds with music notes, ladybug, frog leaping, bee, bunnies, duck, chicks and beautiful sunflowers.

Lamb & Cow Decals - Layout Sheet

Lamb & Cow Decals  – Moo Cow & Music – Layout Sheet

(above) “Moo Cow & Music” layout
(below) actual decal sheet

Lamb & Cow Decal Sheet

Lamb & Cow Wall Decal Sheet – “Moo Cow & Music”

  • You need a space at least 36″ wide
  • This sheet of farm animal wall stickers is enough to look good on its own.
  • If you order several farm animal wall decal items together, you can create a unique border midway around your room.


Additional information


(36" x 30")

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